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16 years experience

life style diseases are spreading like an epidemic. Every second man is suffering from one or the other following diseases like Diabetes - Obesity - Lipid Profile(high blood pressure,cholesterol,tryglycerides) - Breast Cancer - Colon Cancer - Heart Diseases - Stroke - Childhood Asthma & Constipation. We at Dhawans Nature Cure have identified and quantified various foods which are preventive and curative in nature. Most foods in their natural form are considered to be “Good Foods” and all those foods which have been processed, are “Bad Food” as they have been denuded of the vital vitamins, minerals and fiber. During processing various preservatives, additives, sodium and sugar etc. are added to increase the shelf life of the products which are harmful to your health. Regular consumption of these foods is the root cause of many diseases. Allopathy cures the symptoms only and doesn’t cure the diseases from its roots. We at Dhawans Nature Cure don’t use any medicines and cure the patient naturally . If you are suffering from any of the life style diseases, please fill in the patient information form and submit it to us. On the basis of your information we will design a menu for you which can help you get rid of the ailments and you lead a normal healthy life.. You can find various information about Dr. Sheenu on


  • BHMS - Baba Farid University of Health sciences - 2003.


  • Homoeopath.

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  • 2004 - 2013 - Owner at Self.


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