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Dr.P. S. Sagar

Dr.P. S. Sagar

Diploma In Electro Homeo, Bachelor of Accupenture


15 years experience

Dr.P.S.SAGAR (Founder & C.E.O of 2nd life Nature cure & wellness, Ph.D(Acupuncture),M.D.(Acupuncture & sujok),P.G.D.N.Y.(Naturopathy & yoga),B.Ac(Indian Acupuncture),D.E.H.M.(Electro-Homeopathy),D.T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Acupuncture),D.Ayu.Ac (Ayurvedic acupuncture),I.C.C.A.(Cosmetic acupuncture).Have completed his courses in India, Netherlands, U.K, China & Srilanka & also trained more than 250 + doctors in this field who are successfully employed & self employed in various parts of India & other country’s. You can get the phone number of Dr. P. S. Sagar on


  • Diploma In Electro Homeo - 2006
  • Bachelor of Accupenture - Karnataka University - India - 2014.


  • Acupuncturist
  • Dietitian/Nutritionist
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Homoeopath
  • Clinical Physiotherapist
  • Yoga and Naturopathy

Awards and Recognitions

  • Leadership award (National award by N.A.D.A India Foundation) - 2014

  • Best Acupuncture clinic (Awarded by Deputy C.M & Health minister Sri Rajaiah garu from I.M.A. & Govt of Telangana at Indus global medical expo

  • 2014

  • hyderabad )

  • Chikitsa ratna (National award by national economic & educational growth society

  • 2009)

  • Gem of Acupuncture ( International award by Indian academy of acupuncture science

  • 2012).


  • Member & Fellowships In Acupuncture Science Association
  • National Acupuncture Association
  • Indian Academy Of Acupuncture Science
  • Nada India
  • Electro Homeopathy Associations.


  • 2000 - Present Owner at 2nd Life Nature Cure.


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