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Dr.Nargis Wahaab

Dr.Nargis Wahaab

Ph.D. Cosmetic Acupuncture


11 years experience

Cosmetic Acupuncture is the permanent solution for all cosmetology complaints like Hair falling, Hair Loss, Baldness, Skin Complexion, Wrinkles, Pigmentation, Face lifts, Weight Control, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Body Shaping, Breast Sagging, Muscle Tightening, Obesity and Stretch Marks. Cosmetic Acupuncture is a Non-surgical, Safe, Absolutely pain-free process to improve the complexion, elasticity, and youthfulness of the skin while reducing its fine lines, sagging, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes.It is a holistic healthy alternative to invasive techniques like plastic surgery or injections. Cosmetic acupuncture also treats underlying imbalances in the body and improves overall health. Today people are very beauty conscious, so it’s no wonder many people are going to great lengths in a quest to look younger.People world-wide are spending an increasing number of money every year on invasive and unsafe procedures such as cosmetic surgery, collagen injections, and botox.As an alternative, many Hollywood people including celebrities such as Madonna & Cher etc., are turning to traditional Chinese medicine for cosmetic acupuncture. An “acupuncture facelift is a non-invasive process that can even improve overall health.Digestive problems, stress, insomnia, menopausal symptoms, and irregular menstruation are among the conditions treated in cosmetic acupuncture sessions. This procedure is magical in its effectiveness. It is an excellent alternative to cosmetic surgery, 100-percent natural, and free of side effects.The procedure helps to prevent the skin from showing the effects of aging, as it helps maintain collagen production, blood circulation, and energy flow within the layers of the skin. Maintaining blood and energy flow throughout particular meridians (energy pathways) running into the face keep it clear, glowing, and healthy. The cost of cosmetic acupuncture is slightly higher than medical acupuncture. The course of treatment involves depending on the condition of the patient. Cosmetic Acupuncturist needs to diagnose the person’s disharmony before the relevant treatment.Wahaab, with his wife Healer. Mrs. S. Shameena Salaaudeen, Son Healer. S. Prem Wahaab and his daughter Healer. S. Nargis Wahaab and his family members. There are fifteen doctors in his family and practicing various medical systems. He was basically practicing Siddha and Homoeo following his father. When he was in Singapore in 1987 he came to know about Acupuncture. But he couldn’t have the opportunity to practice Acupuncture because of lack of Awareness among the public about this system.He started Acupuncture practice enthusiastically after the contact of Prof. Dr. C. Abdulla Sehu who is dedicated his life to promote this system, and he is the Founder – President of ATAMA (All Tamil Nadu Acupuncture & Alternative Medical Association).The Miraculous relief, cure and the simplicity of this Acupuncture made him to become a Teacher and he started training people and established Acupuncture Training Institutes. Prof. Hr. A.W. Salaaudeen personally trained more than 600 students in his centre and he mainly given crash training and personalized training to many experienced Allopathy Doctors and persons from other branch and Paramedical field.Many of the students of this institution came as patients to the Clinic and after the miraculous relief they join to learn this fantastic curing system. He did his Ph.D., in the topic of “Holistic Approach to Migraine. Now he is guiding his students to do their research works.He learned Sujok Acupuncture directly from the Originator of this system Prof. Park Jae Woo of Korea.His versatility proved in many stages by implementing the systems like Acupuncture, Sujok Acupuncture, Auricular Acupuncture, Scalp Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Magneto Therapy, Flower Remedies, Twist Therapy, Reflexology,Color therapy, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Energy Healing, Pranic Healing etc.,He generalized various systems and made an excellent training module out of his experience. You can book an instant appointment with Ms. Prof. Hr. Nargis Wahaab on


  • Ph.D. Cosmetic Acupuncture - The Open International University of Complementary Medicines - 2010


  • Acupuncturist
  • Infertility Specialist
  • Cosmetologist

Awards and Recognitions

  • Youngest Acupuncturist Award - 2006

  • Best Acupuncturist Award - 2007

  • Best Service Award - 2008

  • Best Clinic Award - 2009

  • Best Faculty Award - 2010



  • 2005 - 2008 - Acupuncturist at Dr. Wahaabs Acupuncture & Complementary Therapies
  • 2008 - 2012 - Faculty(Acupuncture) at Dr. Wahaabs Institutions
  • 2010 - 2015 - C. T. O at Dr. Wahaabs Pranic Acupuncture


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