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Dr.Isha Jha

Dr.Isha Jha

Masters in Clinical Psychology,Doctorate in Alternative Therapies


11 years experience

Dr. Isha Jha is the founder of Mind Ocean and a leading psychologist & trainer with established expertise in psychotherapy, hypnosis, family constellation therapy and other leading techniques. Ms.IshaJha is a well known hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and a hypnotherapy teacher (member of faculty at CHII) in Pune. She is an expert at EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and Family Constellation therapy. She also conducts various seminars and behavioural workshops for self-development and overall well -being.Ms. Isha Jha has been frequently interviewed by reputed newspapers and magazines about her work. She deals with cases like insomnia, addictions, fears & phobias, allergies, enuresis, relationship issues, concentration and focus issues, exams anxiety, depression, and some chronic ailments. Her list of clients is extensive and diverse, which includes people from all kinds of socio-economic background, caste, creed and religion – and also many celebrities from creative fields. Her specialization is in the following areas:1. Personal challenges. Like: relationship issues, trauma, failure, stress, depression, peer pressure etc.2. Professional challenges like: unable to meet targets, goal setting & goal achievement, time management, lack of motivation etc.3. Personality challenges. Like: low confidence, low self-esteem, fears &phobias, lack of self belief etc.4. Health challenges Like: Diabetes, High BP, Migraine, aches& pains & psychosomatic diseases etc.5. Behavioural challenges etc. You can book an instant appointment with Ms. Isha Jha on


  • Masters in Clinical Psychology - MUMBAI UNIVERSITY- 2002
  • Doctorate in Alternative Therapies - MUMBAI UNIVERSITY- 2005


  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Counselling Psychologist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Health Psychologist

Awards and Recognitions



  • Psychologist- Counselor and Behavioural Trainer at WNS
  • Psychologist- Counselor and Behavioural Trainer at HSBC
  • Psychologist- Counselor and Behavioural Trainer at Cipla
  • Psychologist- Counselor and Behavioural Trainer at ITC
  • Psychologist- Counselor and Behavioural Trainer at Thomson Reuters
  • Psychologist- Counselor and Behavioural Trainer at Lotus
  • 2010 - Present-Founder / Chief Psychologist at Mind Ocean Wellness


  • A.M./8/288-Indian Board of Alternative Medicine (IBAM/RMP)- 2005
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