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The Ophthalmic services here was established in March 2011 and has proven to be one of the great successes in ambulatory care of the Apollo Hospital group. The team has risen to the challenge of meeting the dream of our chairman Dr PC Reddy to establish a world class eye service . With his support we have brought in the cutting edge of technology in eye care to Chennai . We offer a patient friendly tranquil environment for all Ophthalmic procedures for all ages . Some of the complex operations are performed as day procedure thanks to our extremely capable anaesthetic team that comprises of trained pediatric anaesthetists and anesthetists who are extremely experienced with ambulatory surgical services. Pediatric cataract surgery , squint surgery, Oculoplastic procedures, Naso lacrimal procedures including Endoscopic Dacryo Cysto Rhinostomy are routinely performed here. We also have the facilities for conducting Micro Incision Cataract surgery through the tiniest of incions in the eye that allows early rehabilitation and return to office work. The procedure is conducted with eye drops alone , is painless and does not eye closure with a pad at the end of surgery. Complex retinal procedures including Vitrectomy, fluid gas exchange and surgical and LASER management of Retinopathy of prematurity is undertaken here.You can book an instant appointment with doctors of Apollo Day Surgery on Timesmed.com.

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