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Dr.Janvi Chitalia

Dr.Janvi Chitalia

ACSM Qwalified Personnel Trainer,ISSA,ACSM,PG Diploma In Weight Management (UK)

Dietitian Nutritionist

1 years experience

I am Janvi Chitalia, an ISSA certified fitness nutritionist, an ACSM certified personal instructor with a PG Diploma in Weight Management from University of Chester, UK.As a holistic nutrition counsellor and personal instructor, I believe its important to not just address a particular weight or nutrition problem, but to understand and cultivate a relationship with food and exercise that fits in the very stressful and fast paced life that one leads every day. Furthermore I offer a variety of approaches to inculcate exercise and activities in ones daily routine. I counsel behaviour-change techniques and advice on how to cope with ‘lapses’.I lay stress on educating my clients on the food choices they make rather than letting them grow dependent on a diet plan. I approach the matter of weight management, by allowing the clients to set their final targets, thus, encouraging them to understand their bodily mechanism through goal setting. It promotes a sense of increased responsibility towards their own efforts and the program. This in turn, helps deliver more significant results. This system enhances learning and comprehending weight management itself.Besides one to one consultations, educating clients on whole foods and supplements, dietary analysis and training with clients to deal with diseases or improve overall health, I also, hold range of workshops on various topics of nutrition for Institutes and professionals. I counsel in sessions that take place either in person or online. I provide ongoing support even after the program is complete to help clients continue and evolve on their journey to a balanced and healthier lifestyle. You can find various information about Ms. Janvi Chitalia on


  • ACSM Qwalified Personnel Trainer - Nirmalanikethan Cource-ISSA - International Sports Science Assosiation-ACSM - American College of Sports Medicine-PG Diploma In Weight Management (UK) - University of Manchester- UK-


  • Dietitian/Nutritionist

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